Everything about planning the wedding event

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If you are in charge of being a specialist in event planning for a wedding reception, wedding rehearsal, or something else that goes with being involved with the wedding then chances are you know it a huge responsibility. Not only the bride and groom are counting on you to ensure that every aspect of their wedding reception is going well, but all your event planning skills are relied upon for the success of the whole event! Although few people realize, if an individual is made false pax on your part throughout the event or wedding reception, because it can be so small in nature, chances are you have made you messed up. Here are some things about the planning of wedding events you should know about in order to create the perfect wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, and coordinate cleanup efforts, as well!

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The bride and groom

Even if the person chargeed event planning for the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner may feel overwhelmed at the great responsibility he or she has something important to the event planner to realize is that marriage and everything about marriage is all about the bride and groom. While much of what is going to feel like this has to do with the event planner himself, chances are he will not feel this way because there is additional pressure on the person s ensure that things go without a hitch!

Coordinate the rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal is one aspect of event planning wedding which certainly should not be taken lightly! Even if all the agents of marriage are not required to go to rehearsal dinner for the bride and groom, it would be a good idea if the wedding planner was to convince everyone to attend! In addition, another very important thing to be thought when it comes to wedding rehearsal dinner is where it will occur, that food is eaten, and how long it should last. Of course, many of these things will be chosen by the bride and groom himself, but the wedding event planner will obviously help them make some of the most important decisions such as where it will take place and also to ensure reserves are in place!

A successful wedding reception

Perhaps the best thing about event planning for a wedding is the witness of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception to ensure that everything goes successfully without falling real! The wedding reception is an important part of this, make sure that the bride and groom have agreed that food will be there, what kind of cake they will have and where it will take place, questions are very crucial for ensure that everyone is satisfied! Ultimately, however, it all comes to the realization that the wedding event is all about the bride and groom, and that’s the secret to make your wedding planning efforts of event will not to lose!

The Ideal Setting

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While it once was very widely accepted that a wedding was to be held in a church, temple, mosque, synagogue or any other religious building, the present day shows us an entirely different situation, where a wedding does not need to take place on consecrated ground – largely because it is the wedding itself and the people involved that are to be consecrated. With this widening of the boundaries, it is now possible to get married in a range of settings, and more and more people are choosing this option. While some are skeptical about this change, it is here to stay.

If you are not religious, you may very reasonably decide that you do not want to get married in a church, and just as reasonably argue that if you were to do so you would not be being fair to that church. Surely the vital element of a marriage is honesty, and if the marriage starts with even a symbolic dishonesty there must be some doubt over how it will go forward. A registry office is the most common alternative, although hotels, cruise ships and holiday resorts (many of which are now dedicated to the “wedding market”) are also popular.

The decision over where to marry should be taken equally by bride and groom, deciding on the basis that the choice should be mutual in order to start the marriage on the right foot. Consensus is something you will be looking for in the rest of your lives, so it is fitting that it should start at the beginning.

Wedding No-Nos

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There are some things which should be obvious to anyone but which are, for whatever reason, blind spots to some. This is clear from the occasional situation which has been given light by the rise in reality TV, where some programs have emerged which feature a groom-to-be making the decisions for their wedding day while the bride sits back (usually at the home of a friend) and waits to see what her beloved achieves. As a result of this concept, there have been some horrific decisions made which should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Firstly, although a man may have two big loves in his life – his wife and his sports team – combining the two in a wedding scenario is perhaps the worst decision he could possibly make. If both partners are equally big fans of a team, involving their colors in the ceremony as part of one’s outfit may be acceptable. Otherwise, keep them away from the whole endeavor! Do not make the mistake of thinking that your marriage and your sports team are in any way equal.

Secondly, the venue for a marriage matters. You may be offered a deal which allows you to save money on the venue and gives you the chance to spend the money elsewhere. Your bride will, however, not thank you if the photographs from your big day feature the local sewage works.

And finally, don’t ever believe that holding the reception at your favorite bar is fine just because they know you there and will make you welcome. If it is a place with which you both feel a strong affinity, fine. If not, it just looks like a snub to her wishes.

Do you have Cold Feet? Don’t Just Walk Away.

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It is fair to say that many people, on their wedding day or in the weeks leading up to it, have occasional periods of doubt over whether they are making the right decision by getting married. This situation is generally described as getting “cold feet”, a strange phrase which seems to have its roots in a time gone past when armies which had limited resources refused to fight on because they had lost or worn out their boots. In modern parlance, it means that due to a failure of daring you do not go ahead with something momentous.

It is understandable that people get this way in the run-up to their wedding day. The occasion of getting married is a pretty momentous one, which has far-reaching implications. While it may not constitute a massive change in the everyday living of your life, it does present something of a conundrum. Beforehand you were not married, and afterwards you will be. Although you would not have considered the idea of being unfaithful while you were merely dating or co-habiting, knowing that you can only be with the one person for the foreseeable future can be troubling for some.

It does not mean that you are not in love with the person you are about to marry, and it does not mean you will be making a mistake by marrying them. Indeed, any sportsman will tell you that nervousness is not necessarily a sign of partial or anticipated regret. It is just a natural reaction to the change in circumstances, but it is not a sign to call things off.

Keeping The Peace

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As much as we would sometimes like to pretend otherwise, it is a fact that there are many people who never get along with their in-laws. No matter how much effort there is on either or both sides, sometimes personalities do not mesh. And there is little that can be done about it if this happens on a basic level. As much as you want your new bride (or groom) and your parents or siblings to be the best of friends, for them to see in each other what you see in them, sometimes there can be instinctive bad feeling between the two sides.

There is no magic wand you can wave and persuade two people, or two groups of people, who have mutual antipathy to start liking one another. Certainly, people can change their opinions on others over time, but trying to force it is not the answer. The only likely outcome of this is that people will react more angrily and potentially even violently towards individuals for whom they have an instinctive dislike so when deciding on seating plans for a wedding, it is wise to think ahead and work out where potential flashpoints may arise.

In addition, it is wise to take any of the more combustible elements on either side to one side and point out that this is your wedding day. If for no other reason, they really ought to be prepared to lay down their grudges for you, for this one day. That really is not too much to ask.